It’s so quiet that you can hear the scuttling of the dung beetles below. Tunnelling, rolling through the dry earth. There’s a smell in the air that could only be described as an emulsion of dust and the sweet aroma of the acacia tree, standing unmoved in the still air. Exhale. You stand in awe

In the distance a split second of movement catches your eye and it’s gone just as quickly, leaving no trace. On the horizon giraffe seek relief in a muddy waterhole. Beads of water glisten in the light of the sun as the animal contorts its body to cool itself down . Inhale.

The heat of the day ripples the warm air which surrounds you and blurs the divide of the azure sky and the blonde grass that seems to stretch on to eternity. Your world stands still. Exhale. 

Africa. You were told it would leave you breathless. But this, this feeling is in your bones. The sights, the sounds. The way your soul devours the unspeakable beauty of the land before you. You connect to the cracked earth underfoot, as if you’re planting roots right there beneath you. There’s a sense of home, calling to your inner being. You are home. Inhale.

You take a mental photograph, to store as a memory. A moment that is yours and yours alone. An escape to revisit one day as you ride the bus on the other side of the world. But for now everything is still.


Africa is not just a place. Africa is a feeling.


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